Frühe Dramen (Ödön von Horváth: Wiener Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke)
Au bord de l'eau: SHUI-HU-ZHUAN) (2)
The Jacket & Scorn of Women: A Play In Three Acts (Prince Classics)
Lady Windermere's Fan: A Play About a Good Woman & Poems (Prince Classics)
Das südöstliche Tirol und Steiermark, Lungau, Kärnten, Krain, Görz und das Küstenland: Zweite Auflage
Martin Eden, Michael, Brother of Jerry & Revolution and Other Essays (Prince Classics)
The Cossacks, What Men Live By and Other Tales & A Letter to a Hindu (Throne Classics)
Scorn of Women, Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories & Hearts of Three (Prince Classics)
A Handbook for Travellers in Switzerland, and the Alps of Savoy and Piedmont: Corrected; with Travelling Maps, Plans...
Uncle's Dream, The Eternal Husband & White Nights and Other Stories (Prince Classics)
Die krankhaften Geschwülste: Dreissig Vorlesungen gehalten während des Wintersemesters 1862-1863 an der Universität...
Roderick Hudson (Prince Classics)
Stories of Ships and the Sea: Little Blue Book #1169 & The Jacket (Prince Classics)
Gaius, Institutes (Collection Des Universites De France, Band 135)
Hippocrate. Pour Une Archeologie de l'Ecole de Cnide: Pour une archéologie de l'Ecole de Cnide (Etudes...
The Works of Henry James, Vol. 01 (of 36): A Bundle of Letters; A Little Tour in France (Moon Classics)
La Nature Et Les Grecs: Suivi de la Cloture de la Representation, Par Michel Bitbol (L'ane D'or, Band 41)
The Natural
The Cricket on the Hearth: A Fairy Tale of Home & The Battle of Life: A Love Story (Prince Classics)
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Introduction by Jean-Marc Hovasse (Everyman's Library Classics Series)
Sevastopol & Three Days in the Village, and Other Sketches (Throne Classics)
Classics Reimagined, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Il dottor Zivago
Brideshead Revisited: 75th Anniversary Edition