Industry 4.0 for the Built Environment: Methodologies, Technologies and Skills (Structural Integrity, 20, Band 20)
Handbook of Reflection and Reflective Inquiry: Mapping a Way of Knowing for Professional Reflective Inquiry
Applications of Work Integrated Learning Among Gen Z and Y Students (e-Book Collection - Copyright 2021)
Lead Community Fundraising: Successfully Connecting People Digitally (Management for Professionals)
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Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks
Managing Multiple Projects: How Project Managers Can Balance Priorities, Manage Expectations and Increase Productivity
The Impact of Digitalization in the Workplace: An Educational View (Professional and Practice-based Learning, Band 21)
Skills in Mathematics - Vectors and 3D Geometry for JEE Main and Advanced
Anleihen bei den Gesundheitsberufen: Untersuchung der Durchführbarkeit der IPE in den Bereichen Bildung und...
Spieltheoretische Verhandlungs- und Auktionsstrategien: Mit Praxisbeispielen von Internetauktionen bis Investmentbanking
eBook inside: Buch und eBook Psychologie und Pädagogik: Lehrbuch für die berufliche Oberstufe
Continuous and Embedded Learning for Organizations
Neuro-Linguïstisch Programmeren, de unieke handleiding voor jouw brein!: NLP, het hulpmiddel binnen jouw communicatie!
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